Why MICE Choose Guam

Guam is a great place to hold conferences and plan incentive tours. Over the years, many both small and large groups have been choosing Guam as their destination. In this chapter, we will introduce some of the key factors of why Guam is a popular destination.

Affordable Cost and Efficient Schedule

Guam is located close to many countries, especially Asia and the Pacific. This means your travel can be relatively inexpensive and you can also plan an efficient schedule even within a short trip duration. “Affordable yet satisfying”, is one of the biggest reasons why Guam is a perfect destination for your group trip.

Easy Access from Asian Countries

We have direct flights to/from Guam with many cities across Asia. For example, if the company has branches in different cities, you can arrive at Guam separately and meet later to participate in the companies Group Trips. Guam is also a great location to hold international conferences.

Destination within hours, little time difference

Only a five-hour flight or less from most Asian cities, Guam is the ideal destination choice for visitors. The short flight is an important way for group trips to utilize their days efficiently.

Only 15 minutes to hotels from Airport

It only takes about 15 minutes from A. B. Won Pat International Airport to Tumon where major hotels are located. Other popular facilities on the island also have great access from most of the hotels. This is one of the great features of Guam, in comparison to other beach resort destinations in the world.

A variety of facilities to fit your needs and excellent customer service

Adequate facilities on the island can accommodate your group with exceptional satisfaction. Guam prides its reputation with outstanding customer service and have an range of hotel banquets, unique public facilities, team building programs and activities you can enjoy. Your trip will definitely be a memorable one.

Safety First

Guam is a very safe place. With two hospitals and numerous clinics around the island that you can visit in case of a sudden sickness. Most facilities on Guam are handicapped accessible, making it easier for the elderly or someone with a disability to get around the island.

90% Oceanfront Hotel Rooms

90% of the hotel rooms in Guam have an oceanfront view! Cozy guest rooms with a beautiful tropical ocean view is completely invigorating and gives you an opportunity to relax even with your busy schedule. Relax and unwind in your room and come up with new ideas for your next business plan.

Team Building Activities and Recreations

Many activities are available on the beautiful beach resorts of Guam, including marine, land, and sky activities. For example, your group can have an athletic competition at the beach as a team building program. Experienced staff can help you coordinate the program as well. For your free time, enjoying marine sports, shopping, or playing golf are popular choices as well.

Abundant Group Trip Experiences

Guam has been the choice for companies Group Trips. With much experience collected over the years, you have nothing to worry about planning your events or meetings. Recently, Guam accommodated an international conference with association such as PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association).

Best Season All Year Through

Guam has the best season all year through with average temperature of 26°C (79°F). In Guam, the warm, ocean water temperatures are ideal to enjoy exciting marine sports and activities all year round.

Closest American soil in the Pacific, unique history & culture with Chamorro, Spanish, and Japanese influences.

From many countries in the Pacific, Guam is the closest US land you can visit. In a completely different environment from your homeland, experience the island’s unique culture of native Chamorro with influences from Spain and Japan. It is an absolute one-of-a-kind world you will enjoy.

Excellent for Educational Trips. Learn effectively with a variety of programs.

Guam is a great and safe destination for school and educational trips to learn about the history and culture. The official language of the island is English and Chamorro.