Sport Activities around the Island

Guam’s warm tropical climate throughout the year makes the island a best suited place for playing sports any time of the year. Guam Visitors Bureau acknowledges major sports events held on the island as a “Guam Signature Sports Event”. We support them by suggesting the events as a team building program for group trip or to help create travel tours through the event. Athletic facilities built to international specifications and various other well-equipped sporting facilities here have been a popular choice as training camps for many sports teams overseas.

Guam Signature Sports Event

Guam’s year-round tropical climate and proximity to Asia continues to attract and provide opportunities for visitors through international and local sporting events and attractions in the region.

United Guam Marathon

United Guam Marathon is a certified marathon competition by AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance Races) and IAAF (International Association of Athletic Federations). It consists of a Full-marathon, half-marathon, 10K and 5K runs, participants run along Guam’s west coast that displays a magnificent coral reef and tranquil ocean view. This is a popular event complete with various activities including live entertainment and an exhibition of Chamorro cuisine and culture.

Guam Ko’ko’ Kids Fun Run

This is a Kids Run for children age of 4 to 12 years old. There are 3 races based on the age. Each participant will receive a gift after finishing the race and gold, silver, bronze medal for the top 3 boys and girls. It is a fun-filled family event with plenty yummy food and games, a raffle and cultural activities.

Tour of Guam

Tour of Guam is the biggest cycling event held on Guam, enjoyed by many beginners to advanced cyclists. There are 2 courses of about 42 km or 105km. The participants on long course cycle through the half of southern Guam, enjoying the amazing view of coral reef in the ocean, lush mountains, valleys, and feel refreshing island breeze.

Perfect facilities meet all international standards

“Pan Pacific Sports Center” located at the LeoPalace Resort Guam has full-scale swimming pool, soccer field, baseball stadium and golf courses all build to international specifications. This fully equipped facility is a perfect place for athletes to train their body and skills. Several pro baseball and pro soccer players visit Guam every year to use this sports center for their training and team camp. This excellent facility also accepts student camps and any athletes who love sports and eager to strengthen themselves.

Schedule your Group Trip during the events held in Guam

Special events are held in Guam throughout the year. Participate in cultural events to showcase the island’s long history effected by Spain, USA and Japan, a Fruits Harvest Event to celebrate the blessed nature, or various sporting events held in a tropical island atmosphere. Schedule your Group Trip to coincide with these events and make wonderful memories.

Event Calendar

January New Year’s Day (New Year’s Eve Fireworks)
Feburary Chinese New Year (falls on January depending on the year)
Special restaurant menu and events
Restaurants are open except Chinese restaurants
March Chamorro Month
Chamorro cultural events held throughout the island
Guam History & Chamorro Heritage Day
April United Guam Marathon
May Guam Micronesia Island Fair
Agat Mango Festival
June Guam Live International Music Festival
Liberation Day Carnival
July Guam BBQ Block Party
7/21 Liberation Day Parade
Liberation Day Carnival
Hotels and optional tour companies host events during
summer break, including various family oriented events.
September GIFF (Guam International Film Festival)
October Guam Ko’ko Kids Fun Run
Guam Ko’ko Road Race
November Tour of Guam
Black Friday [the day after Thanksgiving & the beginning of Christmas Shopping Season]
December Shop Guam Festival starts (~ February)
Holiday Illumination

For more details and updated information regarding each event, please check the “Things to Do/Events” on Guam Visitors Bureau website (