Learn Guam’s Culture & Heritage

Guam has been accommodating many school and educational trips, and they are increasing every year because of our great reputation. Hands-on learning activities and programs have been extremely popular in recent years for its efficient learning effects. Here we introduce some of the experience-based programs and why Guam is a popular destination for school/educational trips.

Guam for an educational trip? Here is why.

Chamorro culture was formed by ancient Chamorro people who moved to the island of Guam thousands of years ago. The island’s ancestors were excellent fishermen and artisans, and had created unique and original houses and canoes to create a proper and comfortable living environment. They were also experts in making high quality textile and pottery. Guam also used to be a strong matriarchal society. Most of Chamorro culture includes language, music, dance and traditions that were preserved and succeeded from generation to generation.

Great access, extremely minor time difference

Most countries in Asia and the Pacific have direct flights to/from Guam and they usually only take a couple of hours. This means the flight fare is relatively affordable, and you can use your limited time effectively with an extremely minor time difference.

Closest English-speaking country in Asia and the Pacific

As a US territory, Guam is an English-speaking country which is the closest one to most countries in Asia and the Pacific. Students can immerse themselves in an English environment and experience an international culture to stimulate their motivation for learning.

Low cost & and efficient schedule on short durations

As mentioned earlier, the travel cost to Guam from the Asia region is lower than going to the US mainland, so it is less travel expense for the parents. Without the major time difference, you can also plan an efficient schedule on short duration of the trip.

Hands-on activities and exchange programs with local schools

An assortment of educational hands-on activities is available on Guam. Exchange programs with local schools offer students an opportunity to gain English communication skills and a sense of an international lifestyle and camaraderie with local students. There are many excellent programs that lead to volunteer work and career development to.

Best season all year through

Guam has a typical tropical climate all year round with an average temperature of 26°C (79°C). You can swim in the warm ocean in winter and enjoy the summer any time of the year. In June to October, you may encounter a few sudden showers as it falls in the rainy season on the island, but it is nothing too extensive.

Unique history and culture

The island’s interesting native culture has adopted many other cultures including Spanish, American and Japanese influences. Students can learn about Guam’s interesting historical background and unique culture through some experience-based cultural programs and peace education.

Adequate facilities

Hotel facilities are more than satisfactory for many types of school events. Experienced staff offer excellent and efficient customer services to help your event be successful. Large Waterparks and sports facilities are one of the more popular venues for school trips.

Field Trip through Guam’s magnificent nature

A Field trip to tropical beaches lush jungle and mountains can be easily arranged on Guam. A variety of educational and attractive cultural programs are available.

Number of school trips tour to Guam

2016 181
2015 157
2014 149
2013 144
2012 105
2011 91
2010 56

※ includes middle, high, vocational school and junior college (researched by Guam Visitor Bureau)



Things you can do on Guam Example of experience-based program


Event Space

Lobby Up to 120 pax (standing)
Multi-purpose hall Up to 50 pax (seated), or up to 90 pax (standing)
Theater 156 seating (No food and beverage)
Atrium 80-150 pax (including the Plaza de España)
Courtyard Up to 250 pax
Outdoor stage Up to 350 pax

Guam Museum

The Ancient Chamorro Era existed thousands of years ago, Spanish Era continued over 300 years since the early 16th century, and present day American rule began after 1898…all the big events that made differences in Guam’s history are exhibited here to educate people about how our ancestors contributed to build today’s society on Guam. The museum offers great event spaces for both indoors and outdoors. Experience-based educational programs are perfect for school trips.


193 193 Chalan Santo Papa Juan Pablo Dos Hagåtña, Guam 96910