The attractiveness of Chamorro Culture

Guam’s deep Chamorro culture has been passed down through generations and is still seen today with the diverse influences of Spanish, Japanese and American culture. Touch Guam’s history and beautiful traditions during your group trip, and share your thoughts with one another.

Chamorro Cuisine

Traditional cuisine succeeded on Guam, Chamorro food is influenced by various cultures from Spain, US, Japan and East Asia. Coconuts, hot peppers, soy sauce, vinegar, onions, lemon juice and sugar are the key ingredients in Chamorro food, creating flavors of either sweet, spicy or sour. The most well-known and popular Chamorro flavor you can try here is “Finadene sauce”. Finadene is available at most restaurants, buffets, or BBQs in Guam.

Refreshing flavor of Kelaguen

Red rice colored with achote seeds

Fusion Chamorro Cuisine


Chamorro Dance

Unique native dance handed down from ancient times to the present. It is a different dance from Hawaiian Hula and has 2 types of dance, the traditional style of “Ancient Chamorro”, and “Spanish”, influenced by the Spanish Era. “Ancient Chamorro” mainly consists of stick dances by young warriors, dances to celebrate new life and express an application to the blessed nature. Dancers wear a traditional wrap costume made from coconut leaves. “Spanish” is the dance toexpress love between man and woman, and this Latin style dance, with a Spanish-style dress called mestiza is a popular entertainment at dinner shows and other events. “Spanish” dance lessons are also available for visitors.

Imagine the energetic ancient time

Pray to god and thank for the blessings of nature

Passionate “Spanish” dance


Experience Chamorro Culture

Add some cultural activities and events on the itinerary to experience and feel the deepness of Chamorro culture. Many facilities offer various cultural programs.

Guam Museum

Newly-opened in 2016, Guam Museum focuses on the rich history & culture of Guam. exhibits the deep and unique history of Guam and Chamorro culture and showcases a variety of educational exhibitions throughout the year.

Chamorro Village

Wednesday Night Market is a fun and entertaining local event enjoyed by many residents and visitors. Walk around and find your favorite Chamorro food and traditional souvenirs.