Do I need a visa to visit Guam or not?

Your visa will be waived and your will be permitted to stay on Guam for up to 90 days if you are a national of a “Visa Waiver Program (VMP)” country; have a valid passport; return ticket or onward ticket from Guam to most non-U.S. destinations; visiting Guam for tourism or short-term business purposes.

You must obtain visa if your passport is not machine-readable (Please read P.58-59); plan to stay in Guam for 90 days or more; you are a national of a country that is not applicable to Visa Waiver Program.

Application of visa: http://www.ustraveldocs.com/

This information is provided as of March 2017. Regulations may be changed without notice. Please visit http://www.ustraveldocs.com/ for more details.

The Guam Visitors Bureau will not be responsible for any damages resulting from the use of the information above.

How long should my passport be valid to travel?

If you plan to enter Guam with a Guam-CNMI Visa Waiver Program (Guam CNMI VWP), it is desirable that your passport expiration date is 45 days or more from the arrival date. If it is less 45 days or less, you will be granted to stay on Guam until your passport expiration date.

What is the smoking regulations on Guam?

Under the “Natasha Protection Act”, smoking inside all facilities on Guam are prohibited.

  • Major restricted areas
  • Closed areas such as elevators, public restrooms, buses, taxis’, airplanes aquariums, museums, libraries, art museums, sport arena’s, convention halls
  • Health and medical related facilities
  • Restaurants/Bars
  • Closed areas and guest rooms of hotels/motels

*Smoking in a terrace/balcony is permitted in some cases.

*There are other non-smoking areas besides the places above.

*For more information, please contact hotels, restaurants and other facilities.

Can I use electric devices purchased in my country, or may charge computer/smartphone on Guam? Do I need a voltage converter?

The electric voltage on Guam is 110-120V, which may be different from your country. Electric devices of 100V can be used on Guam for a short period of time, however it may damage your device or cause a fire so please use a voltage converter. International voltage converters are suitable for traveling. Most hotels are equipped with a hair dryer. Electric outlets on Guam have 3 holes, however devices with a 2-hole style power plug can also be used.

Wi-Fi & Internet on Guam

Most hotels have free Wi-Fi at the lobby or have computers with internet access for in-house guests. Most guest rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi or a LAN cable internet as well. Please check the website of each hotel. The A. B. Won Pat International Airport offers Wi-Fi or wireless LAN inside the terminal when you purchase a card at the shop there. There are also internet cafés in Tumon. Inside the shuttle bus and other places, Wi-Fi areas on Guam have been extending.

How old is the legal drinking age on Guam?

The legal drinking age on Guam is 21. Selling or offering alcoholic beverages between 2AM to 8AM is prohibited. Bars/clubs can stay open until 3AM, however alcoholic beverages cannot be sold or offered after 2AM. 18-20-year-old can enter bars/clubs but they cannot consume or purchase alcoholic beverages.

What are items that are prohibited to bring to Guam?

Typical products and items that are prohibited to bring to Guam below.

  • Plants, fresh fruits and vegetables with dirt
  • All types of meat (including fresh meat, processed meat, seasoning or condiment containing meat extract)
  • Eggs, milk, dairy products
  • *Unopened baby formula is allowed as an exception. However, if you have more than a regular amount of formula, they may not be admitted as a personal use items.

Other prohibited products and items. For more information, please visit Guam Customs & Quarantine Website http://www.cqa.guam.gov/ If have more than a regular amount of any products, they may not be admitted as a personal use items. If you bring prescribed medicine, prepare for documents that state the following:

  • Prescription (English)
  • Reasons to take medicine
  • Contact Info for your doctor (English)

We recommend you prepare a total of 2 copies in case you need it when you depart Guam. Please inquire through the U.S. Embassy about some medicine prohibited in the U.S. (example: anti-depressant). The final decision will be made by a custom official at the airport. Please inquire to Guam Custom & Quarantine via their website as there are several other items that are prohibited.

Do we need to give tips?

Just like the U.S., tipping is a common practice in Guam. For hotels and restaurants employees, tips are a large part of their income, and here is how you tip.

How much, when and how?

When bell staff carry your luggage to your room.
hand out the tip to the staff, $1 per luggage

When your guest room is cleaned by housekeeping staff
$1 per person per night, put it on the table or bed

When you ride taxi
10-15% of the fare

When you eat at the restaurant
10-15% of the total amount

*If the service charge is already included, there is no need to tip at the restaurant. You can check the bill to find out if it is included. The amount next to the word, “Service Charge” is how much the tip costs.