American Tropical Influence in a Tropical Locale

An organized, unincorporated U.S. territory in the western Pacific, Guam offers American conveniences with a tropical backdrop rich in Chamorro culture. Perhaps most importantly, its political status makes for a stable environment for MICE events, free from turmoil common in other destinations throughout the region. Its vibrant Chamorro culture also promises a unique experience, characterized by 4,000 years of colorful heritage not found elsewhere in the world.

Tokyo 3.5 Hrs
Taipei 4 Hrs
Seoul 4 Hrs
Hong Kong 5 Hrs
Shanghai 5 Hrs
Singapore 6 Hrs
Bangkok 6 Hrs
Los Angeles 12 Hrs

Known as the jewel of Micronesia, Guam is within a 3-4 hour flight of most Asia Pacific cities. About 1,200 miles east of the Philippines and 3,500 miles west of Hawaii, it is serviced by six airlines and four domestic carriers daily out of A.B. Won Pat International Airport.

In addition to serving as an international entry point from a number of cities in Asia, the island is also the entry for visitors traveling to neighboring islands of the Northern Marianas (Saipan, Rota and Tinian), Palau, the Federated States of Micronesia (Chuuk, Pohnpei, Yap, and Kosrae), and the Marshall Islands. Guam is commonly referred to as the closest U.S. destination in Asia.

Population 165,124 (2013 estimate)
Language English, Chamorro
Currency United States Dollar (USD)
Average Temperature 75-86 degrees Fahrenheit (26-30 degrees Celsius)
Time Zone Chamorro Standard Time (UTC+ 10)
Useful Guam Facts

Guam has a number of mid-tier and luxury hotels with competitive prices and all-inclusive options, each offering a blend of unique venue choices designed for small- to mid-size events. In addition to pristine beaches and a unique culture, the island’s tropical weather makes it a popular visitors and MICE destination year-round.

More Facts About Guam

Guam is home to a melting pot of cultures, reflective of its 4,000-year-old ties to people of the Philippines, Japan, Korea, China, Micronesia and the United States. Due to its proximity to Asia and the presence of multiple U.S. military bases, people from all over the world now call the island home.

This blend of vibrant cultures, as well as a recent resurgence of the native Chamorro heritage, make for a cultural experience not found elsewhere. On Guam, you can deliver a unique cultural experience to your MICE attendees in a tropical destination.

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